Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival

Our Mission:

MCCC will serve our members and community through Chinese language education, culture outreach and social engagement.

Our Vision

MCCC will create shared value through organized volunteer work!
Our Past experience:
(1) MMCS 18 years of educational service. We are serving more than 200 students each year;
(2) HFF - we have participated HFF for 8 years representing Chinese ethnic group;
(3) Milwaukee Lantern - our culture magazine - we have published 5 issues over the past 5 years. Each issue was created by our school age children; Each year, 5000 copies of this magazine are distributed;
(4) Chinese New Year at domes - we served over 15,000 visitors over the past 4 years;
(5) Song & Dance troupe - all volunteers performed throughout the greater Milwaukee area, from elementary schools to senior centers.
(6) We have organized summer camps (in collaboration with MPS) for the past years;

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