Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival

Registered Teams 2023 will be listed here


Sponsoring Company/Organization Team Name
 W. W. Grainger  Grainger Power Dragons
 GRAEF  Worth the Wake
 GRAEF  Wake My Day
 Essential Industries   Essential Dragons 
 American Dental Professionals  American Dental Professionals
 OCA-WI Chapter  OCA-WI Advocates
 Kohler  Team Kohler
 RW Baird  Baird Blue Dragons
 Team Survivor Madison  Team Survivor Madison
 None  Pink Paddling Power
 ElevAsian & Associated Bank  ElevAsian x Associated Bank
 Northwestern Mutual  Ain't FPASSing Us
Chinese Christian Church of Milwaukee  CCCM
 SC Johnson  SC Johnson
 MCCC YLA  YLA Phoenix
 GE Healthcare  APAF Dragon
 Kohl's  Kohl's Sink or Swim Team
 Milwaukee Tool  Red Lighting
 Cricket Chinese Academy  Cricket Chinese Academy
 Eaton  Eaton SOAR
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK Waves
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK E. Balboa
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK Stars
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK the MCC
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - Diversity ROKs
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell -ROK the RAAP
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK the Boat
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell -ROK-ATAK
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROKeteers
 Rockwell Automation  Rockwell - ROK the Dragon
 Harley-Davidson  Dragon Riders
 Harley-Davidson  Mushu Glide
 Northwestern Mutual  Northwestern Mutual - Always Humble
 Northwestern Mutual  Northwestern Mutual - Speedy Claws
 Northwestern Mutual  Northwestern Mutual - Hydrophobic Dragons
CornerStoneOne Feeling Nauti
 Eaton  Eaton 1
 Eaton  Eaton 2
 Eaton  Eaton 3
 Eaton  Eaton 4
 Eaton  Eaton 5
 Eaton  Eaton 6


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